Joseph Dick  Editor Queer Fear,    Photograph by Richard Douglas    

Joseph Dick Editor Queer Fear,  Photograph by Richard Douglas


About us

Queer fear is a quarterly zine and blog focused on the elevation and visibility of queer stories. It is the goal of the magazine to leverage storytelling in it's various forms to make an emotional connection to real LGBTQA+ issues in a way that is approachable and relatable to those with no point of reference. Queer experiences are fundamentally human experiences, and often to walk in the shoes of another can mean the difference between fear and acceptance. 

The magazine is proud to feature visual arts, editorial content, short writings, poetry, photography, and more. As a general submission guideline, works should have a clear vision and voice, make a unique experience comprehensible, and match the design aesthetic of the magazine. 


All submissions are reviewed by the editor as quickly as possible and contributors selected will be contacted for further information. To share your story, in whatever form that may be, begin below.